D for Dead By Keri Beevis Audiobook

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  • Duration: 11 hours, 21 minutes
  • Writer: Keri Beevis
  • Publisher: August 2020
  • Narrators: Jay Aaseng, Mikhaila Aaseng
  • Genres: Jay Aaseng, Mikhaila Aaseng
  • Rating: 0
  • Narrator Rating: 0
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D for Dead By Keri Beevis Audiobook

When a teenager is found stabbed to death, detectives Rebecca Angell and Jake Sullivan are called to the scene, and clues soon lead them to a crime novel that the killer has used as gruesome inspiration.The author, Amy Gallaty, has a new book out, at first prompting Angell and Sullivan to question how far she is prepared to go in the name of promotion. But when Amy attracts the attentions of a stalker and then a second murder mirrors another of her plots, they realize they are up against a cruel and clever psychopath, one who may have a more personal agenda.Working with the FBI, Angell and Sullivan find themselves in a race against the clock to unlock the secrets in Amy’s past before the killer can strike again.This book was previously published as Dead Write.

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